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biopic Hi and first of all thank you for showing the interest in my music by visiting my site. Or did you land here by mistake? Dont leave :) Here you can find out about me as a musician and listen to clips, know more my musical endevours and find out where I'm playing. Hey, maybe you can even take a listen and look while in the neighbourhood!

About me

I've been playing bass guitar for about 20 years, and learned to play it most of all in the bands I've been playing and performing with. Some really successful and professional like: Groove Foundation, RixMix, but also some experimental and mostly for the love of music (instead of ever getting payed), like the fusion band Got A Match?

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Facebook @Home

Check out this home brew version of the Facebook song featured on our album "Between Us"

Music/Lyrics/Keys Dave de Jong
Vocals Loredana Guglielmi
Recorded and mixed by Dave de Jong
©2014 Dnote Music

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